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Do you know that you need to cover your iPhone screen with Glass Film ? When is the best time for doing Glass Film ! iPhone(アイフォン)修理 東京 渋谷なら渋谷駅近のスマホスピタル渋谷にお任せ!

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Do you know that you need to cover your iPhone screen with Glass Film ? When is the best time for doing Glass Film !

[2020.01.16] スマホスピタル渋谷

カテゴリー:For foreign customers

We are living in the age of information and technology. Modern technology has made world smaller and smaller. We can easily communicate with our friends and family within a couple of minutes. We are so much lucky to be living in age of mass communication. Internet and smartphones have mutually changed the whole world.

If we go to past few decades, there were no smartphones and internets. It was not easy to communicate with friends and family. Telephone was costly and was not convenient. Like smartphones now a days it was not easy to carry on bags and pockets. Internet was not introduced and mail used to take longer time to be delivered . Introduction of smartphones and internet took information and technology to the next level. 

Almost all type of phones we are using now a days can be connected to internet. So speed of exchanging informations and communicating to people has become faster and convenient. 

Are you using Glass Film on your iPhone screen and using phone case

In this blog, we are going to talk about iPhone and some of the effective methods of taking care of your iPhones screen. As all of us know that iPhone is very expensive phone among all type. it has gained a lot of popularity within one and half decade. Number of people using iPhone is so big and increasing faster. Once an iPhone is  bought, we need to take great care of it. It is resembled of so complex tiny parts, so once when it is broken, it takes high cost to fix it. 

Here by we SMAHOSPITAL SHIBUYA are doing various kind of repairs of phones and game accessories.

He do repair works of all models of iPhones and iPads, GALAXY Series, XPERIA Series, NEXUS, HUAWEI, Game accessories and Tablets. Depending upon the nature of damages on items, repairing times may vary from 30 minutes to 3-4 days. We not only fix the damaged phone but we also make assure how to use it long lasting. We provide various informations about taking care of your phones. 

This time we are going to discuss about taking care of screen of your phone. Almost each and every phone’s screen is made up of breakable glass. as we all know, glass is easily breakable. Glass screen of phone can be made prevented from breaking down. The life of your phone’s  screen depends on how you are using it. So, proper care should be taken while using it. 

If we follow the following steps, phone’s screen can be prevented:

  • using Phone Case compulsorily.
  • coating your Phone with Glass ( Glass Coating ).
  • using Glass Film.
  • not using your phone while walking and riding bicycle.
  • by avoiding keeping phone on Bags and Back Pockets.
  • keeping your Phone away from hotter objects.

A phone screen can be saved if we take care on those things. 

When is the best time for putting Glass Film and Case on your phone !

The best time for putting glass film is sooner after you buy your new phone. Your phone might get scratched or get some kind of cracks if you are planning to buy and put it later. So, before something unexpected happens, you need to get prepared earlier. 

In SMAHOSPITAL Shibuya, we clean your phone screen thoroughly and swipe out all dust from phone screen. After all the dust is swiped out, we put Glass Film perfectly in your phone screen.

We put Glass Film at no cost. So hurry up and visit our shop at any time and any day. (*glass film should be paid)

Currently we are running our services from Shibuya and Ikebukuro. so we kindly welcome you to visit us as soon as possible after your phone is not working properly or your phone is to be repaired. It’s easy access to both of our shops as they are near by from stations. 

We are open throughout a year with no holidays from 10:00 to 20:00.

We will be so pleased to serve you and will be waiting for your visit.

Thank You.





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03-6416-0333 お電話でご予約の上ご来店下さい。iPhone(アイフォン)修理 東京 渋谷

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