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Watch out for the new coronavirus! Smartphone screen What is the difference between organic EL and liquid crystal? Both LCDs are available! iPhone(アイフォン)修理 東京 渋谷なら渋谷駅近のスマホスピタル渋谷本店にお任せ!

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Watch out for the new coronavirus! Smartphone screen What is the difference between organic EL and liquid crystal? Both LCDs are available!

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The vivid OLED display used in the X in the iPhone series, do you know how it is different from the liquid crystal?

It is said that organic EL will be the majority of smartphone screens announced in the winter of 2018, and the organic EL will become the mainstream for smartphone screens.

Introducing the difference in the mechanism and the difference when you try it concretely.

・ Difference in structure

In an organic EL display, the pixels themselves emit light, and the intensity of the color changes the intensity of the color to display the screen.

that? If OLED is so simple, what about liquid crystal? I think,

The liquid crystal has separate pixels and backlight. The backlight is at the bottom, and the light of the backlight is adjusted by the part called the polarizing plate. There is a layer with a liquid crystal on it, and further there is an RGB filter for expressing colors. The screen is displayed by going through this process in one board. The liquid crystal is more complicated.

Organic EL is said to be suitable for smartphones due to its thin structure.

・ Differences caused by differences in structure

1 Black expression

The LCD backlight stays on when the screen is displayed.

The backlight is still on when the screen is black. The light is shut out to give a black impression, but the weakness of the liquid crystal is that it cannot be completely turned off and it turns gray.

However, in the case of an organic EL display in which pixels emit light, if it does not shine, it is black, and since light does not leak, it can express jet black.

2 Difference in power consumption

In connection with the black story mentioned earlier, in the case of liquid crystal, the backlight is on even with a black screen, whereas the black of the organic EL is completely off, so power consumption can be reduced accordingly. On the contrary, it seems that the power consumption will be high if it is white, so if you use an organic EL terminal with a black wallpaper or dark mode / night mode (a mode that is installed in Youtube, Google Maps, etc., a black basic screen mode), it will consume power It seems like it can be suppressed ٩ (‘ω’) و

3 Coloring, burn-in, etc.

Unlike liquid crystal, organic EL reaches the eyes as it is without passing through multiple layers of filters, so colors come out very beautifully.

The organic EL display deteriorates over time and the light emission becomes uncontrollable or dull. It is a “burn-in” that is familiar to CRT TVs.

On the other hand, since the liquid crystal emits light from the backlight, it is resistant to deterioration such as burn-in.

In addition, the cost and manufacturing difficulty seem to be high, and there is a situation where LCDs are more important.

Let’s refer to the strengths and weaknesses of each for smartphone selection ٩ (‘ω’) و

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