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For foreign customers

Screen cracking of the iPhone will continue to spread (^ O ^) /

[2016.10.06] スマホスピタル渋谷

カテゴリー:For foreign customers

Sumahospital Shibuya (^ O ^) /

From iPhone6 ​​and iPhone6S as compared to the previous

Since the body is thinner screen size is large,

Screen cracking and cracks when dropped making it is easy to enter.


It only shocks even more minute to the increased body weight at the time of fall depending on the model.

Although apparent from time to time the people who are using it is because work remains cracked,

Not only the glass surface of the left to keep the surface,

Damaged part to the liquid crystal unit will be repair places increases spread.


The more repair price the number of replacement parts increases because also increased.

Although iPhone6 ​​LCD with a glass surface and the touch panel sensor are bonded processing,

You can exchange of only the glass surface is peeled off well in iPhone repair shop of technology.


Cracks of iPhone6 ​​for cheaper than look-alike replacement is is better to fix, especially early.

Glass surface in iPhone6S and the touch panel sensor with liquid crystal

Order not to peeled have completely stuck in the adhesive,

There is a need to be replaced in both sets.


Who iPhone6S until the liquid crystal unit than this for iPhone6

Parts fee it takes only sure exchange is required minute.


Since the pressure sensor panels are disposed below the liquid crystal unit in iPhone6S,

And cause a leak and left the screen cracking

It will be exchanged until the pressure sensor panel

It is good to carry out the repair immediately further stage that damaged part was noticed also iPhone6S order to become enlarged.


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