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The glass crack of iPhone spreads when left unattended (^ O ^) / iPhone(アイフォン)修理 東京 渋谷なら渋谷駅近のスマホスピタル渋谷本店にお任せ!

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For foreign customers

The glass crack of iPhone spreads when left unattended (^ O ^) /

[2017.03.02] スマホスピタル渋谷

カテゴリー:For foreign customers

It is a smart hospital Shibuya head office (^ O ^) /
It is cold today, is not it?

Compared to iPhone 6 and iPhone 6S before

Since the main body was thin and the screen size became large,

Screen cracks and cracks are easy to enter when dropped.


Depending on the model, the impact increases as much as the body weight increases at the time of falling.

Sometimes I see people who use it as it moves cracked and broken,

If left unattended, not only the glass surface of the surface,

The damaged part spreads to the liquid crystal unit and the repair part will increase.


As the number of parts to be replaced increases, the repair price also increases.

Although the glass surface and the liquid crystal with the touch panel sensor are adhesively treated on the iPhone 6,

With the technology of iPhone repair specialty store it is possible to peel off successfully and exchange only the glass surface.


It is better to repair the cracks of iPhone 6, especially because it will be cheaper than exchanging it altogether.

On the iPhone 6S, the glass surface and the liquid crystal with touch panel sensor

Since it does not peel off because it sticks perfectly with adhesive,

It must be exchanged in both sets.


For this reason iPhone 6S is better than iPhone 6 to the liquid crystal unit

Parts fee will be charged only for necessity of replacement.


In the iPhone 6S, since the pressure sensor panel is arranged under the liquid crystal unit,

If liquid leakage occurs by leaving screen cracks

We will replace the pressure sensor panel

Furthermore, because the damaged part expands, it is good to repair immediately at the stage when you noticed iPhone 6S.

I am doing repair of iPad too! It is! It is!
Near the Apple Store ♪



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