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What is iphone recovery mode?

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Is iphone repair and purchase of Suma Hospital Shibuya (^ O ^) /

Why, I think there is a question as to whether the iPhone becomes the recovery mode.
First we have to introduce a way to force the iPhone in recovery mode.
In a situation that is connected to the personal computer, and continue One press much the power button and the home button of the iPhone,
To enter the recovery mode to start after iPhone is terminated.
Does the iPhone, there is what recovery mode for the?
iOS of failure or the like, the iPhone the operation is no longer asked
There in order to be able to use to return to the initial state.


The execution of the iPhone recovery mode = initialization
It will supposed to be.
So why, all of a sudden to have been able to use normally, what has become a recovery mode.
● iPhone of Wi-Fi communication is gone out into the iOS update
● The power of the iPhone has gone out in the iOS update
● The power of the personal computer that is connected is turned to the or sleep state cut in the iOS update
● Wi-Fi communication or lose your power during a backup of iPhone
● The failure of iPhone parts became impossible to start the iOS
It may be as described above iPhone recovery mode is triggered as the cause.
In other words, the iPhone recovery mode,
To start the iPhone’s iOS, or, in the middle of doing a rewrite,
Gone is interrupted for any reason,
Then, it represents the situation that has become not start up properly.


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